Promotional Material

Promotional Material

We offer a variety of high-quality promotional materials to promotion your Express Service kiosk.

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Kiosk Decals

Kiosk Decals

We can fully customize your Express Service kiosk with full-colour print and cut vinyl. Whether it's a simple logo or an entire wrap, we have your kiosk covered.

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NFC Access Cards

Electronic Access

Please inquire about our NFC electronic access methods to provide your customers with an even easier way to drop off and pick up their keys with their Android phone, iPhone or card!

Thermal Paper

Paper Supplies and More

Contact your account representative if you require any thermal paper supplies, replacement payment terminals, locks or anything else for your Express Service kiosk.

Express Service Kiosk - No Contact Servicing

Antimicrobial Screen Protectors

For additional protection and peace-of-mind, we offer antimicrobial screen protectors. These medical-grade screen protectors provide a 99% reduction rate of germs over a 24hr period and can be cleaned without diminishing the antimicrobial properties

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Express Service Kiosk  - Stylus Pens

No-Touch Sylus Pens

An extra level of protection is possible by providing your clients with their own branded stylus pen for a truly no-contact experience.

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