Express Service Kiosk

Revolutionizing Automotive Service

Our Express Service interactive kiosk is bringing the future of automotive service to your dealership today.  The full self-service kiosk will allow your customers to drop off their keys, collect and pay once service is complete.

No-Contact Automotive Service Kiosks

The 24/7 Service Department

The Express Service kiosk is the first of it's kind and it is reshaping the way consumers interact with service departments all over North America. Some dealerships even have 24/7 access to the kiosk, allowing customers to drop off and pick up at their convenience.

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Express Service Kiosk Integrations

Integrated with your business

Our automated service solution integrates with many of your existing dealership solutions including PBS, Serti, Moneris and many more.  Click the button below to see our integrations and partners.

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Express check-out

Mobile & Online Payments

In addition to paying at the kiosk, your customers can check out and pay online using their phone or desktop browser with Express Check-out. All major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted making the Express Service experience even easier and more convenient!

Interactive Dealership Service Kiosks

Dealership Benefits

  • Ease the burden on your service advisors
  • Unlimited up-sell opportunities
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve vehicle sales with trade appraisals
  • Potential for 24/7 operations
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Customer Benefits - Express Service

Customer Benefits

  • Less waiting at peak hours
  • Convenient and always available
  • Meets modern lifestyle expectations
  • Drop off or pick up in less than 2 minutes
  • No more waiting for the cashier
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Web Interface

Full Service Dashboard

Our Express Service solution comes complete with a full web-based dashboard, allowing you to monitor your appointment and repair order integrations - or even run completely standalone!  You can also manage promotions, billboards and much more.

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Interactive Automotive Service Kiosks

Some of the Numbers...

We performed a series of surveys at Auto Shows to gauge reaction, this is what they discovered:

  • 86% of customers surveyed would use a service kiosk
  • 79% of customers are dissatisfied with their existing service experience
  • 95% of customers already use kiosks at grocery stores and airports
Express Service Kiosk Technical Specifications

Tech Specs

If you'd like to learn more about the nerdy side of the kiosk, download the PDF below, it contains dimensions, power requirements and all that fun stuff.

Specifications - ES1.2 Specifications - ES1.3