Express Service Kiosk  - No Contact Vehicle Servicing

Safe, Efficient & Cost Effective

Our 16-door Express Service kiosk allows you to offer full 24/7 as well as providing a NO-CONTACT experience.

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No Contact Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Our kiosks provide you with the ability to offer a full NO-CONTACT servicing option to your customers. They can drop-off and pick-up their keys, all via our Express Service Kiosk, in less than 2 minutes with just a few simple taps of the screen!

Express Service Kiosk - No Contact Servicing

Antimicrobial Screen Protectors

For additional protection and peace-of-mind, we offer antimicrobial screen protectors. These medical-grade screen protectors provide a 99% reduction rate of germs over a 24hr period and can be cleaned without diminishing the antimicrobial properties

Express Service Kiosk  - Stylus Pens

No-Touch Sylus Pens

An extra level of protection is possible by providing your clients with their own branded stylus pen for a truly no-contact experience.

Express Service Kiosk - No Contact Servicing

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