Express Service Dealership Drop-Off/Pick-Up Kiosk

New Automotive Service Department Kiosk

Streamline your service department's process.

Revolutionary Express Service Drop-Off/Pick-Up Kiosk

The Express Service Drop-Off/Pick-Up kiosk for automotive dealerships is the first of its kind, and it's about to re-shape the way consumers interact with service departments all over the world. A customer can drop off and pick up their vehicle at their convenience, even outside of your service department's hours.

With payment integration built-in, the kiosk can take payment and can both accept and dispense the customer's keys. Now you can finally streamline your customer drop-off and pick-up process with the reliability of the world's most advanced system.

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How it works

When a customer arrives at the dealership, they are prompted to select their vehicle and confirm the services that will be completed. They are then prompted to drop their keys in one of 12 secure lock-boxes (expandable). They are then asked if they'd like to add the deal of the day to their cart (ex. detailing, hand wax, inspection, etc.) and can then request a shuttle (if available) or a service loaner vehicle. An optional license scanner can be added, to record a driver's details, as well as an on-screen safety and liability waiver to sign. When a customer picks up their vehicle, they will be shown their service report and will be prompted with the bill, which they can pay via the on-board payment terminal. A receipt is then printed with the keys dispensed from the secure lock-box. That's it, it's as simple as that!

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Kiosk integrations

Our Express Service kiosks can connect to your DMS to push and pull customer profiles and data to and from the kiosk, to ensure all customer data is recorded. When the service department closes for the day, the kiosk can be used to pick up and drop off vehicles. The secure lock-boxes have been tested for durability and security to ensure they cannot be broken into. All Express Service kiosks will be placed indoors, inside a vestibule or just outside the service department. Are you ready to take the next step? Book a consultation with our team, and see the kiosk in-person before it gets shipped to Victoria Star Motors in Kitchener Ontario for the pilot.

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