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We have a large selection of apps, and can customize just about anything!


Catalog Directory:

The catalog directory allows you to showcases your products with an easy-to-use interface and gives potential customers the ability to inquire about a specific inventory item right on the kiosk.

Customer Insights:

Providing businesses with valuable insight into customer trends, this game-changing app is revolutionizing the hospitality industry. By asking customers to leave feedback on the kiosk, the Customer Insight app collects data and pinpoints your problem areas as well as your strong-suits, according to your customers.

Event Check-In:

Allowing registration and check-in to move quicker, this kiosk app provides users with the ability to register or check-in right on the kiosk, provide information and sign up for contests.


Offering up flight times, synced with the airport’s outgoing flightboard, allows guests to browse potential flights to their next destination.


Showcasing products and services using banner ads is an effective way to show off promotions. The advertising app is populated with lead forms for each product or service being advertised.

Spin-To-Win/Slot Machine:

A powerful tool for lead-generation, these apps are best used in conjunction with ongoing promotions to capture leads and engage with audiences. A salesperson will enter a unique code into the kiosk to unlock it, allowing the customer to enter their contact info and play the game to win a prize. These apps can also be used at trade-shows to capture leads from prospective customers while allowing them an opportunity to win a prize! 

Product Showcase:

The product showcase app allows you to show off the product in action using a video or photo slideshow. When a customer touches the screen, an information screen appears showing the product line, pricing, additional information and a photo gallery showing off the product. A lead form can be added if this kiosk is being used at a trade-show or location without the product or personnel present.

Express Service:

This is a hassle-free app allows your customers to check-in when they're dropping off their vehicle for servicing without waiting for a service adviser to assist them. They can enter their information, confirm the services they require and can book a service shuttle or loaner car right from the app.

Vehicle Inventory:

By placing a kiosk in a high-traffic venue, like a shopping mall, trade-show booth or even in your showroom, the inventory app showcases your products with an easy-to-use interface where potential customers can inquire about a specific inventory item right on the kiosk. 

Virtual Receptionist

The virtual receptionist can be populated with a list of people working at your business and sends an SMS alert to the appropriate person to notify them when someone is there to see them.


Designed for membership-driven venues, this app allows users to sign up to become a member right on the kiosk. Once their application is received and reviewed, your team can contact prospective members about promotions and events, as well as providing them with payment options, etc.

Showhome Concierge

Built for the home builder industry, this kiosk app provides directions to other showhome locations, info on the community, floor plans, and monthly promotions which allow the opportunity to capture leads to help build email databases and more.

Business Directory

Provide your customers with a directory of businesses in your building, allowing them to find what they're looking for.

Check-In/Check-Out Tracking

Providing customers with a login portal to track hours, points and more, this kiosk app helps businesses keep track of their users and their level of interaction with the business. With the simple swipe of an access card, this app can track the amount of time a player spend at your venue and can award points based on hours logged.


Engaging with your audience is the best way to keep them coming back for more! The photo booth kiosk allows users to take a photo of themselves, add on a custom frame with your logo or event, and share it to social media. 


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